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Benefits of adopting

  • You are saving a life

  • You will save money

  • Helping to eradicate puppy farms and pet shops

  • Can improve your health and make you happier

  • Can benefit children

  • Many of the animals are housetrained

  • Unconditional love

  • You could get a pet you never expected

  • Older animals can prove to be the best companions

  • Adopting supports spaying and neutering

Adopt a Friend

Rehoming is with Wirral Animal Welfare who have been dedicated to rescuing local abandoned or unwanted animals and then doing their best to find them new homes for over 20 years.

Their dogs come from a large range of backgrounds and come in all shapes and sizes.  At Wirral Animal Welfare, they pride themselves in helping animals through sickness and distress.

For more information, please visit their Facebook page at:

or call them on:
0151 334 1888

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