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Doggy Day Care

A dogs idea of heaven, they will spend the day running having fun, splashing in the pools if requested, playing in the tunnels, tyres, sandpits, leaping or just napping in the shade or in the cosy heated rooms.

A typical day

  • Running having fun

  • Splashing in the pools

  • Adventure playground

  • Play Equipment & toys

  • Napping

Your dogs visit

As well as acres of outdoor space, we have a huge indoor play field for dogs to play in so even in bad weather the fun doesn’t stop! Filled with beds, toys and play equipment and joining on to almost half an acre of clean play.

Our daycare is totally private and secure so all dogs can be off their lead all day no matter how good or bad their recall may be.

We have a huge range of shapes, sizes and ages of dogs in our doggy daycare. We always make sure we match the activities to the individual dog, puppies and older dogs can take longer naps while the others energetically run around the adventure playgrounds.

We make sure all of the dogs have an amazing day, whatever their interests.


Dog Training Centre

Indoor & Outdoor

We run a wide variety of courses to suit all levels of dogs, please ring the office for further information.


Our Fantastic Facilities

Our desire is to provide a top level of service for your pet and with this in mind we have designed a training paddock which is soft under foot, well drained and perfect for training. It is fully fenced, flood lit and we have the most up to date training aids and equipment. We are always looking to develop our experience and knowledge further which leads us to constantly updating our research and leading cutting edge training methods.

Our training staff will assess your needs and devise a training programme tailored to your dog. We record your session, then see how to improve by working together in our specially designed training office.

Dog training
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